Child support doesn’t automatically end at age 18 in some states.

In Oregon, it continues to age 21 so long as the child is in school at least half time and is satisfying the school with his or her progress.

In Washington, the court may order it, or modify an award to allow it, when a child is continuing in school.


3 Responses to DID YOU KNOW?

  1. So how fair is that when a man is totally devoted to woman and
    wants nothing more than to be a family and believes her when she says she loves him and is faithful to him only to find out after baby was born that she had slept around but his belief in her and his hopes of being a family and thinking it was his son signed the birth certificate. So now all his dreams are shattered, shes off with someone else and he’s paying for a child that’s not his because the courts won’t make her do a paternity test ?? I don’t understand the cconcept of it all . So if he refuses to pay for someone else’s child he goes to prison. So much for what’s right aadd wrong I guess.

  2. In Oregon, at least, a paternity finding obtained through fraud can be challenged. It’s not easy to prove, but it’s possible.

  3. Thank you and very nicely written article I might add.

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