The Supreme Court’s ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act last week opened the door to over 1,100 federal benefits for married couples becoming available to single-sex married couples in Washington, but not domestic partnerships in Oregon. Some of these benefits are:

* The right to leave an estate to a spouse without inheritance taxes, which allows a couple to plan to leave a cumulative estate of $10 million to the next generation without taxes.

* The right to receive Social Security benefits for a deceased spouse.

* The right to receive health benefits from an employer without being taxed on them.

* The right to file taxes jointly.

* Eligibility for Family and Medical Leave Act time off.

* The right to sponsor a spouse for a green card.


One Response to DID YOU KNOW?

  1. Cynthia LaChester says:

    I’m glad they have rights now, and soon Oregon will have it. God made us all its not up to us to judge others.

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